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About Me

Hello there! I'm Wendy (Wendy S. Burton) and my calling is people are a "YES" to their dreams!

I am a new author on an enchanting journey of storytelling. I've recently delved into the world of fiction novels, and my debut work is a captivating blend of angels, love, and mystery. It's a project that holds a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

Writing has always been my passion, and now I'm finally taking the leap to bring my imagination to life. Through my novel, I explore the ethereal realm of angels, weaving a tapestry of love and intrigue that will leave you spellbound. It's a tale that unravels the mysteries of heavenly beings and explores the profound emotions that bind us all.

About Me

Amy and the Angels

RELEASE DATE: Available now! 

Did you know that there's a hidden realm of Guardian Angels, enigmatic beings guiding us through life's wild ride? If you've ever experienced moments that left you in awe, then "Amy and the Angels" is the book that will make you believe in the magic of the universe!

Book cover for Amy and the Angels showing the shadow of a large buck in the forest and the sun shining through the woods
Amy and the Angels

What Clients Say

"Amy and the Angels is an intimate, forgiving exploration of what it means to be human, and is a gift for us all.  From the moment I started to read it, signs from my team of beautiful Angels started to appear all around me.  I am grateful for this very, very special book." 

— Tiffany Persons


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